The weather outside affects your greenhouse inside!
snowflakeFreeze/Frost Maps
National Climate Data Center (USA)
freeze-free period
spring freeze occurrence
fall freeze occurrence
(maps available in high or low resolution & PDF files)

first & last frost dates:


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National Weather Service (USA)
Climate Prediction Center

Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin

"What the weather is normally like for tens of thousands of places worldwide."
All the ususal climate data-- average temperature, average maximum and minimum temperature, average rainfall, heating degree days, cooling degree days.

Upon searching, you are also given towns within the same area (which might be closer to your own microclimate).

Weather records and averages and more.
Use these links (and the ones below) to monitor your local situation and prepare your greenhouse.

Don't forget to have backup heat available in the event of a power outage in winter. In summer, ventilation is critical.

Be sure your greenhouse is insulated and sealed wherever possible so that you will have more control over the conditions inside.

If nothing else, you can simply wonder at the vast amount of data posted and so readily available to anyone with a computer and an internet connection.

Another use of these weather links is to provide guidelines for optimum conditions for a particular plant. Make your plants feel at home, wherever they are!

For instance, if you would like to know how much to water your standard cactus, check the weather in a place like Arizona, USA. If it has rained there recently, give your cactus a little drink. If not, leave it dry.

Do you have a Mandevilla vine? Their origins are tropical woodlands in Central and South America. Check the weather in one of those areas to see if you are simulating those conditions in your greenhouse.

USA only


National Weather Service

Unisys Weather

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Environment Canada

USA & International

United Kingdom

BBC Online - Weather Centre

Australia & New Zealand

Bureau of Meteorology, Australia

If you really think your weather is difficult to deal with, try reading about weather in the Antarctic

Antarctic weather - The Antarctic Connection

The Weather Channel

The Weather Underground

Agriscape weather

CNN Weather

USA Today Weather




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